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The Phosphate Treatment Of Metal

Phosphate treatment plant
Phosphate is a common method for metal surface treatment and it plays a big role. Phosphate can improve antirust ability. There are variety of ways for metal phosphide, for example :
1)Anti-corrosion phosphating
By using Manganese phosphate ,the purpose is to improve the metal wear resistance and corrosion resistance,that’s why it is the best way for antirust effect of metal (made by Industrial smelter)
2)Spraying phosphide
By using Zinc Phosphide, the coating film of zinc phosphide is gray. The purpose is to improve the adhesion between the film and metal made by Ferromanganese smelting blast furnace .The antirust effect is far behind the manganese phosphate
3)Spraying phosphorus sulfide saponification
Saponification of phosphorus is used after the treatment of phosphorization, and the protection effect for metal (produced by Nickle ore smelting)can be improved 5 times .



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