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The Latest Trends For Steel Made By Steel Mill In Energy Field

The world demand for energy showed a continuing growth trend. Currently the ultra-deep, high temperature, high pressure, high sour gas oil and other corrosive environments is the development trend for oil field. There are large-diameter and high strength-oriented pipe line made by steel making furnace to meet the requirement of large throughput and reduced transportation costs. The great attention should be paid on the development of high strength, high compressive crushing resistance, high corrosion resistance and other high-performance oil well pipe and other pipe line made by nickel smelter.To improve the thermal efficiency, and promote high temperature high pressure steam-generating boiler, high temperature strength ferritic heat-resistant steel is under development by many countries over the world. At present, more and more countries adopt liquefied natural gas (LNG) natural gas transport method, which makes the increase in demand for LNG steel storage tanks made by steel mill.



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