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Steel Capacity in Iran

On 22th June, the World Steel Association data shows that Iran’s steel output in May was 1.645 million tons, and it ranked 13th in the world steel production in 66 countries.

It was also reported that Iran plans to increase steel production from the current level of 17 million tons to 55 million tons in 2025, export capacity will increase to 13 million tons. This means that each year there will be 21 million tons production capacity of steel produced by nickel laterite.

One of the challenges for Iran’s steel development plan is the shortage of pellets. Iran’s annual capacity of pellets is 22.7 million tons and it is increased by 1.0 million tons than the previous year; the annual capacity of iron ore concentrate for steel furnaces is 43.6 million tons, increased by 13 million tons. The capacity of pellets and sinter will be increased to 88 million tons in the next nine years. The estimated iron ore reserves in Iran is 46 million tons. It is expected to be mined in 2035, and Iran may need to import ore in the future.



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