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Silicon Metal

silicon metal 1
Silicon metal is made of quartz and coke in an electric smelting furnace. The content of silicon element in the main component is around 98%, the impurities are iron, aluminum, calcium and etc. Silicon metal is used as additives for non-ferrous alloy material used for 2013 new type large capacity carbon blocks blast furnace. The properties of silicon metal is the same as properties of germanium, lead and tin, for example: with semiconductor properties, it will not dissolve in acid at room temperature and it is soluble in alkali.

Silicon metal is usually classified according to the content of three impurities( iron, aluminum, calcium) inside silicon metal produced by high temperature alumina electric blast furnace.

Silicon is widely used in smelting ferrosilicon in steel industry by using rotary kiln for blast furnace; it is also the reducing agent in a variety of metal smelting; and the vast majority of cast aluminum alloy contains silicon too. Silicon is the raw material for ultra-pure silicon in electronic industrial. The electronic devices made of ultra-pure monocrystalline silicon has the properties of small size, light weight, good reliability and long service life.



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