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Saudi Arabia Plans to Build the New Plants to Develop Manufacturing Field

Saudi Arabia Manufacturing industryAccording to “Arab News” on 10th May, the manufacturing industry will continue to play a vital role in the process of promoting the development of the Saudi economy. The total number of factories in Saudi Arabia is expected to exceed 9000 by 2018. The set up of mini blast furnaces are also other methods for industry booming.

Manufacturing industry (including steel field produced by stainless steel furnace )is one of the main pillars supporting GDP for Saudi Arabia. There were 6871 manufactures at end of 2015. By 2020, manufacturing industry will take up 24% of GDP.

President from Suppliers union noted that the Chamber of Commerce needs to cooperate with the government to work together with the private sector and foreign-funded enterprises to improve the competitiveness of their products in the international market. To achieve national industry booming, it is crucial that labor productivity and product quality need to be increased.



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