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Peru-Copper Output Will Increase In 2016

Copper plant
According to Peruvian Energy and Mine Ministry: Peru’s copper production was 158,652 tons, with an increase of 37% in November 2015; Peru’s copper (produced by blast furnace)production increased by 20% from January to November compared with 2014. With the commissioning of Las Bambas copper project and CerroVerdeII copper project by using 128 m3 Blast Furnace, Peru’s copper production will follow a substantial increase in 2016,the Government predicted that Peru’s copper production is expected to increase by 66% in 2016.

After the commissioning of Las Bambas, the first five year’s copper (made by melting furnace)production will be 400,000 tons, it is become one of world’s top three copper plant. CerroVerde is expected to complete in 2016 with daily copper output of 360.000 tons.



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