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Iron Ore

Iron Ore 1
In theory, any ore containing iron or iron compound can be called iron ore used for steel making process.
Here we introduce some iron ore:

 MagnetITe is an iron ore, the main ingredients is Fe3O4. The color is dark gray, containing Fe72.4%, O 27.6%. Magnetic method can be used during beneficiation in steel making by using nickel smelter.

 Hematite is also an iron ore, the main ingredients is Fe2O3. The color is dark red, containing Fe70%, O 30%. It can be divided into Red hematite, SPEcularhematite, Micaceous hematite, Red Ocher, etc. based on its structure.

 Limonite is an iron ore contains carbonate, it refers to Goethite HFeO2 and LepidoCRocite FeO OH. The main ingredients is mFe2O3.nH2O. The color is yellowish brown or brown, containing Fe62%, O 27%, H2O 11%.

 Sulphide iron contain FeS2, The color is grayish yellow, containing Fe46.6%, S 53.4%. Because ore contains many expensive metals such as copper (CoPPer), Ni (Nickel), Zn (Zinc), gold (Gold), silver (Silver), etc., so it often used as raw material for metal smelting industry using Vietnam 350 blast furnace; and as it contains a lot of sulfur, so it often used to distill sulfur, iron have become the by-product.

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