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Introduction Of Non-Ferrous Metal

Non-ferrous metal
Non-ferrous metal refers to all the metal (produced by steel making pig iron)except iron, manganese and chromium. non-ferrous metal is also including non-ferrous alloy. Non-ferrous alloy is a non-ferrous metal (made according to steel making process) that based on alloy substrate mixing with one or several other elements .

Non-ferrous metal is a basic material for national economic development. Many field use non-ferrous metal (made by steel making technology)as basic manufacturing material, for example : aviation, aerospace, automotive,machinery manufacturing, electricity, communications, construction, household appliances and other industries. With the rapid development of modern industry, agriculture and science and technology. The status of non-ferrous metals in human development is more and more important. Non-ferrous metals has become a vital fator for the development of a nation’s economic, science and technology, national defense construction and other development . it is a key strategic resource to enhance the comprehensive national strength and national security.



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