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Increase Demand for LR2 Product Oil Tankers

LR2 Product Oil Tankers 1
According to Platts news: As there are excess stocks of naphtha in European, Koch and other several owners are planning to store naphtha by LR2 product oil tanker at Mediterranean region. Koch was seeking to rent an LR2 product oil tankers earlier this month, but the shipping company has not disclosed whether this ship needed to store naphtha.

There are two choices for oil transactions: one is the signing of the lease rent, the other is to pay the ship demurrage. For LR2 product oil tankers, the basic cost of a one-year lease is $ 18000-19000 / day; and the ship demurrage costs is US $ 20000-21000 / day. An LR2 product oil tanker near the Strait of Gibraltar reached a deal for oil storage recently.

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