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I- Steel Made By Steel Melting Furnace

I-steel also know as universal beam made by heat treatment furnace, It includes general I-steel, light I-steel and H steel. I-steel can be used for support structure, structural steel, railings, bridges,working platforms, cable distribution frame, tool handles, substation structures and etc.

The properties of I-steel : 1).low chemical and environmental corrosion 2). High strength 3). Good insulating properties 4). Long service life 5). Fireproof properties 6). Easy to install 8). Fine appearance.

HW HM HN is European standard and HEB is German standard for H steel made by copper sulphide ore smelting system. HW and HN is widely used and manufactured steel type made by steel melting furnace in China, while HEA HEB HEM can be seen in many German blueprint, but it is difficult to purchase in China.



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