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Fuel combustion control technology will be carried out in China

coke oven 1
According to China Steel News, domestic mills are promoting fuel combustion control technology for coke oven. If the technology successful applies, it will save at least more than 10 million RMB for fuel costs annually. Coke oven is used to produce 350 stere blast furnace coke.

According to reports: when fuel inside coke oven burns, the amount of air intake is every important. If the air intake is too much, heat will be lost a lot and will cause energy waste; while if the air intake is less, combustion gas is not sufficient, it will also result in waste of energy. Therefore, the ratio by measuring & adjusting the amount of air supply and the theoretical amount of air quantity, is the main research direction for improving energy utilization.

To reduce energy consumption, steel mills analysed the reason for high coefficient of excess air by measured the temperature of coke oven and pressure. They have came up with excess air ratio adjustment method which is suitable for coke oven(used for produce blast furnace coke) in order to reduce the cost.



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