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Forta H Series Stainless Steel

stainless steel
Outokumpu company and Fraunhofer, Europe’s largest science and technology applied research institutes launched a new lightweight stainless steel electric car battery box in April, 2016. The material used is Forta H series stainless steel produced by ferromanganese smelting blast furnace.

Forta H series stainless steel is manganese-chromium stainless steel. Outokumpu company began the manufacturer of Forta H serious stainless steel produced by rotary kiln for blast furnace in 2012, and Forta H series contain Forta H500,Forta H800 and Forta H1000 till 2016. The supervisor of R&D from Outokumpu company said:” In the development process, we asked automobile manufacturer for what they will expect in the high-volume production of car, and we produce this ultra-lightweight stainless steel(Forta H)made by rotary kiln for blast furnace that meet their needs.”

Research shows that the basic requirement of car manufacturers are: lightweight, maximum impact-resistant, fully recyclable, less processing steps and low cost. The new types steel “Forta H – series ” Outokumpu company launched meet all the above requirements.



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