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Ferronickel Production Process


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The main ingredient of ferronickel are nickel and iron,the biggest application of Ferronickel is for stainless steel production material as substitute of Nickel.

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In this paper, the production process of ferronickel smelting is investigated in detail by 72 000 kVA electric furnace.

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Ferroalloy refers to … They are used in the production of … For example, the Krupp-Renn process is used in Japan to produce ferronickel. [4] Production and …

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This paper reviewed current status of nickel resource in the world and main production process of ferronickel;it also analyzed development prospect of ferronickel;and …

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PRODUCTION OF FERRONICKEL FROM NICKEL … A process has been developed whereby … run-of-mine ore is normally screened as the first step of ferronickel production.

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Ferronickel metallurgy raw material processing can be roughly … pelletizing and ball roasting are the major parts of production process. 1.ferronickel ore …


FERRONICKEL PRODUCTION AND OPERATION Table 3: Process steps of converter route Process step Aim 1 Tapping from electric furnace into the transport

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of global ferronickel production. Ferronickel. … The division also provides logistical support in the supply of raw materials used in the production process.

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2.1 Process Highlights. Ferronickel production both in blast furnace and electric furnace .have been analyzed taking into consideration the above aspects.

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The Outotec Ferronickel Process uses closed furnace technology that enables furnace gas utilization and minimizes gaseous and dust emissions.

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