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Domestic Aerospace Industry Is Expected to Usher in Rapid Growth

Aerospace Industry
With metal and casting technology upgrading, domestic aerospace industry is expected to usher in rapid growth. According to international experience, domestic air transport and military requirements, China’s civil aviation is expected to add at least 2800 aeroplanes. The demand for Military and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle is about 2000 units.

Therefore, the aviation industry is expected to usher in rapid development. The demanding industries involves light alloys produced by 350 stere blast furnace, high temperature alloys made by industrial furnace, high-end casting, 3D printing, carbon composite materials and other related industries.

Let’s suppose that by 2030, The demand for China’s civil aviation is 2800 units, and 2200 unit for military aircraft. Then the demand for titanium alloy made by basic oxygen furnace will be around 98,000 tons, the needed Casting and high-end 3D printing will be around 250,000 sets, and the requirement for military aircraft engine will be exceeded 5,000 sets.



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