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China Got Mining Rights For Mutun Iron Mine By Using Steel Melting Furnace

iron mine by using steel melting furnace
According to Xinhua News: on 19th January ,Bolivian mining (by using steel melting furnace)minister Cesar Navarro announced that Chinese enterprises won the bid to get the iron ore mining rights for Mutun iron mine company by using steel melting furnace,which is located at Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

Navarro said that the board of directors of Mutun iron mine company choose the Chinese company with experience and financial support. According to Mutun iron mine company ,Bolivia will build concentrating mill, iron ore pelletizing plant, direct reduction plant and steel making plant with continuous casting technology and mini blast furnace and hot blast stove for iron and steel plant made in China.The rolling plant will produce 150,000 tons of hot rolled steel for civil construction industry. This new project will cover 60% local demand for steel in Bolivia,and it is expected to save $ 230 million of imports steel for Bolivia each year.Bolivia imported steel produced by high efficiency industrial blast furnace from Brazil and Peru now.

Chinese company will investment $ 450 million on this project and it will begin construction within 100 days,in the meanwhile, a international company will be responsible for supervision and inspection of project progress. Mutun iron mine is the world’s largest iron ore mine and the total reserves of iron ore is about 40 billion tons.



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