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Carbon tool steel

Carbon tool steel 1
Carbon tool steel is non-alloyed steel and it is classified by its main properties and usage features. Carbon tool steel is mainly used for producing of cutting tools, moulds and measuring tools. Compared with alloy tool steel made by foundry grade pig iron, carbon tool steel has the properties of low cost, wide range of application and that’s why it is widely used in instrument production.

T7 steel has lower carbon content with good toughness. It is suitable for the production of cutting tools that can withstand shock loading, for example:
wooden tools, sickles, chisels and the like.
T8Mn steel has high manganese content and it is suitable for making coal chisel, masonry chisel, hand saw blade, stripes rasp and etc.
T10 steel by using ferronickel production process has excellent abrasive resistance,wider range of applications, and it is suitable for production lathe tool, planer tool, milling-tool, thread rolling plate, chisel, caliper and so on.
T13 steel produced by nickel pig iron has the highest carbon content , it has the high hardness, low toughness, and it can not withstand the impact load, so it is suitable for manufacturing high hardness cutting tool , such as : carved knife, wire drawing dies, carving tools.



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