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Blast Furnace and Oxygen Converter Steel Making

Oxygen Converter Steel Making
Bimelt company has always believed that it is high efficiency and low cost for steel production process based on the establishment of an integrated steel mill production includes blast furnace and oxygen converter steel making by using nickel laterite. The production line by using scrap steel as raw material is in favour of coal-based production process, because the price of raw material is stable and the raw material supply is sufficient. Currently, two production process( blast furnace – converter and electric furnace) rate of 72% and 28% in world crude steel production based on steel making process flowchart.

In the iron production phase, the goal is to achieve the longest possible production cycles under the most favorable conditions. To reduce the cost of production of molten iron produced by nickel smelter, it is necessary to improve the pulverized coal injection rate and reduce coke consumption.



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