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BINDURA Nickel Corporation will produce 8000 tons nickel in 2017

Nickel plant 1
BINDURA Nickel Corporation in Zimbabwe plan to produce 8000 tons of nickel produced by industrial smelter in 2017. Up till 31th March 2016, the company has produced 1387 tons of nickel.

Managing director BatisaiManhando said they plan to produce 7000-8000 tons of nickel next year. He said that everything is going well for the smelter project, and It is expected to be constructed in the third quarter of this year to March 31,2017. In the meanwhile, Platinum Group of Metals company will be in charge of upgrading solution for smelting workshop. BatisaiManhando talked with Minister of Energy and they are trying to figure out ways of improving electric supply for the smelting plant by using steel mill furnace.



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