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Alloy Steel Plate Produced By Blast Furnace Steel Making

Low alloy steel plate made by nickel smelter refers to steel with alloy content is less than 3.5%.

The advantage of low alloy steel plate:
1) High strength : above 300Mpa
2) High ductility : ductility is between 15%~20%,
3) Good weldability and cold formability
4) Excellent corrosion resistance

Low alloy steel plate is used for the manufacture of bridges, ships, vehicles, boilers, pressure vessels, pipelines, and other large steel structure.
16Mn made by blast furnace steel making is the most used and largest output low alloy steel type in China.Its strength is 20%~30% higher than ordinary carbon structural steel made by 128 m3 blast furnace and anti-atmospheric corrosion properties is 20%~38% higher.



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