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16Mn Seamless Steel Pipe Made By Steel Making Process

16Mn Steel Pipe Made By Steel Making Process
16Mn is one material for seamless steel pipe. 16Mn seamless steel pipe made by steel making process is low-alloy steel and is widely used in making pressure vessel for boiler.16Mn seamless steel pipe is high-strength structural steel, the carbon content is 0.1%-0.25% along with other alloy elements like:manganese, silicon, vanadium, niobium,titanium and so on; its total alloy content is less than 3%.

16Mn seamless steel pipe is the special steel plate for pressure vessel with yield strength of 340MPa, the function of sinter plant is to produce 16Mn seamless steel pipe with good mechanical properties. Its Phosphorus, sulfur content is slightly lower than ordinary16Mn steel and tensile strength and elongation are higher than ordinary 16Mn steel produced by high temperature alumina electric blast furnace. It is the most widely used and the largest consumed amount of special steel plate for pressure vessel.



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